Intellectual Property Management: Web Tool and book


A project supported by The Danish Industry Foundation and the Danish Patent and Trademark Office has just been completed. The project is a cross university collaboration between assistant professor Lars Alkjærsig (DTU), assistant professor Karin Beukel (KU), and professor Toke Reichstein (CBS), which maps IP conduct among Danish firms. Based on extensive data collection and drawing on both quantitative and qualitative studies, the project offers substantial insight into the challenges that firms face in terms of Intellectual Property (IP) conduct. In addition the project shows how firms should cope with IP in order to turn it into profits.

Indeed, managing IP and thinking strategically about IP turns out to be essential, if firms wish to see the benefits that it represents. Yet few firms master IP management strategically. This project provides insights to firms as to the questions they should ask and the actions they need to consider when engaging in the world of IP. The project identifies four archetypes (Rookies, Dealers, Strategists and Strategic Dealers) each facing different challenges and portraying significantly different approaches to IP conduct. Firms will be able to identify with these archetypes and then quickly assess their next step in IP management.

The results of the project has been launched on a website with tools for firms. ( (Unfortunately the videos can only be viewed in Danish) A book based on the research "Intellectual Property Rights Management - Rookies, Dealers, and Strategists" at Palgrave MacMillan will be published later this year. The book will also be available at Palgrave Direct, which means it will be available for free in a PDF format if your library provides the access (CBS library does).

Sidst opdateret: Entrepreneurship Platform // 05/04/2019