CBS start-up named as European company of the future

Abeo A/S was once the entrepreneur project of three CBS students. Now it has won a European prize that proclaims the company to be one of the hopes of the future. This adventure started at CBS within CSE, who helped pave the way for the prize.


The Academic Enterprise Awards (ACES) this year recognised Abeo, who could at one time be found at the Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship (CSE), which works with developing students’ entrepreneurial ideas. On Tuesday evening in the European Parliament, Abeo demonstrated the full extent to which it has grown when it was declared the winner of the coveted prize. The prize is given to the European company that has been able to take an invention from a research institution and transform it into a successful company.

Abeo - concrete from CBS and DTU
Abeo A/S was founded in 2010 on the basis of a new concrete technology, which was discovered by Professor Kristian Hertz from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). Since then the company has developed a special new concrete element, the SL-Deck, which is used as load-bearing floor construction and which provided Abeo with its first licence agreement with the Danish concrete-element producer, Perstrup Beton Industri. Right now, the first factory is being established in Kolind, Djursland, and is expected to deliver to the first building projects in September.

Danish 'un-Danish' winner
The EU Commission’s study shows that Danish companies are not among the best to transform “inventions into companies”, but that Danes certainly do not lack an ability within innovation. With this prize, Abeo A/S demonstrates that it doesn’t conform to this statistic. The company has received this award because it has recognised a potential and been able to commercialise it. The Director of Science Business, Richard Hudson, who is behind the award, said at the presentation:

- Abeo is first and foremost a really strong example of a company that has with great success been able to take a technology from a technical university and turn it into a company with great global potential. At the same time, Abeo also represents the essence of what we on a European level need at the moment if we are going to remain innovative and maintain our competiveness.

This is the fifth year that the prize for best spin-out company has been awarded in Brussels, but it is the first time that a Danish company has won the prize.
For more information about the Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship at CBS, contact manager Karina Rothoff mobile: 4185 2060. For further information about Abeo, contact CEO Hans Terney Rasmussen mail:, mobile: 40503081.

Sidst opdateret: Communications // 17/12/2017