CBS wants to strengthen Danish competitiveness

Academic Director Torben Pedersen was recently interviewed about the work of the Competitiveness Platform. The topic was the work of the platform and how it contributes to strengthen the competitiveness of Danish companies. Read the interview in Danish by clicking on the link in the bottom of the article or read the English translation below.


CBS wants to strengthen Danish competitiveness

The Danish growth must be promoted! CBS brings together the best minds for "competitiveness" on a new platform that will support new and existing CBS projects designed to strengthen Danish companies.

Compared to many other OECD countries, Denmark's way through the crisis has been a lot tougher. Danish companies have found it difficult to adapt to the new global competition, and their competitiveness is clearly hurting. Torben Pedersen, professor at CBS' Department of Strategic Management and Globalization, is one of the platform's two leaders, who will find solutions:

- What will happen when the Danish jobs move abroad? We have a competitiveness problem in Denmark, since the Danish companies are doing relatively worse than other countries. The platform focuses on all sizes and types of businesses. The big companies are already well under way, while small and medium-sized companies might need more attention - the platform has a strict focus on competitiveness, but has a broad basis, says Torben Pedersen.

The platform will bring together competencies

"The CBS Competitiveness Platform" is the official name and it works across academic fields and institutions - both in terms of research, teaching, and knowledge sharing. The activities are usually conducted in cooperation with companies such as Velux, who also contribute to the launch of the platform at CBS on March 15th. In the longer run, companies will also benefit from the work of the platform to increase the focus on competitiveness in CBS' teaching.

- The goal is to bring together competencies, share knowledge and stimulate the debate on how to improve competitiveness. The platform can support individual initiatives financially, but the platform does not hire people - it gathers and supports existing initiatives, says Torben Pedersen.

Denmark on the global market

The experience and the knowledge, gathered by the platform, will benefit Danish companies in several ways. They will, for example be involved as cases, labs will be set up, where they can share knowledge and develop it further - also with regard to global challenges.

- It's about the Danish industry's ability to compete in a global market. CBS' new platform is created as a response to the social debate. I look forward to interacting with executives about the use of our knowledge and how it can strengthen our competitiveness. There are no limits to what companies can be involved. At the launch there will be speeches from two of the country's leading CEOs from respectively Carlsberg and Velux, which sets a standard for our ambitions, says Torben Pedersen.

Sidst opdateret: Communications // 21/08/2015