Your next master will be on a modular basis


Flexibility is the key word in the new executive master programs.


Flexibility is the key word in the new executive master programs. On all levels the business schools are working on streamlining their executive education to make them customized to contemporary needs.

At the larges executive education provider in Denmark, CBS, there are two trends within the MBA area. First of all there is a growing need for greater flexibility when it comes to participating in the MBA program. “Last year we launched the Flexible MBA. The idea was that participants could take a full MBA in smaller bits. We see a growing interest in the modular approach not just short programs.” says the Dean of CBS Executive and Professor at CBS Christer Karlsson. There was a fear that the flexible MBA would cannibalize the Executive MBA which is the traditional MBA program but this has not been the case. “The result has been that we maintain the enrollment on the Executive MBA while at the same time where able to attract participants to the new program.” Christer Karlson Continues. Many other executive programs are following the trend from CBS with involvement from different stakeholders in the future design of Executive education. While it is always the different schools that are ultimately responsible for the design and quality of their programs the new evolvement does reflect the even business schools need to engage more with their stakeholders and are doing so.

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