Meet Us at SICEF MBA Event 2007


SICEF MBA Event, 4 October 2007, 5 to 9 pm


Exclusive MBA Event

This year the SICEF MBA Event will be held on the 4th of October from 5 to 9 pm at Copenhagen Business School’s The Furnace – a spacious and open room with a modern design. We have chosen to separate the MBA Event from the SICEF fair itself in order to ensure that you have the most rewarding experience.

Personal Contact

With the concept for this year’s event we will try to give the participants the opportunity to gain a more personal feel of the individual schools. The theme for this year is talent; completing an MBA requires talent, first of all in regard to the education itself and second to handle family and everyday life next to the studies.

Schedule for the event

The event will begin with each school at their stand giving the participants a chance to orient themselves and gather information about the schools they find interesting. During this first hour, the participants will have time to choose which four schools he or she wants to talk to and split up into groups with one of the chosen schools. It will, in these smaller groups, be possible to ask the schools more questions and discuss what it takes to apply for and complete an MBA. There will be four group sessions of twenty minutes for each participant.

SICEF MBA Event 2007 will take place on 4 October 2007 from 17:00-21:00 at:

Copenhagen Business School

Porcelænshaven 18 (The Furnace)

2000 Frederiksberg

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