Management of Creative Business Processes (CBP)


Management of Creative Business Processes er en ny kandidat uddannelse på CBS som sætter fokus på de kreative industrier. Læs mere her.


Management of Creative Business Processes is a new master’s programme with the overall aim to qualify bachelors from a range of disciplines to take up positions as managers working with creative business processes. Students learn tools specifially suited for those who need to find a balance between nurturing creativity and the requirements of running a successful business.

Knowledge beyond standard

There are great opportunities for working with creative business processes, both in Denmark and globally, as creative activities are experiencing rapid growth and a steadily increasing part of the creative activities take place in global networks.

Thus, a greater part of the economy is dependent on the ability of firms to manage creative processes, and to integrate creative input into commercially feasible products or services. These changes require knowledge and skills beyond what is covered by standard management programmes.

Business and research base

CBP works together with creative firms in Denmark, Italy, USA, India and elsewhere in order to ensure high quality and a leading edge content of its courses. Industry involvement includes, among others, Egmont, Danish Broadcasting Corporation, IFPI Denmark, Italian fashion firms and Indian animation and Bollywood firms.

The programme benefits from research taking place at CBS research centre imagine.. Creative Industries Research. CBP has a global outlook and aims at a high ratio of international students.

Sidst opdateret: Communications // 25/10/2007