Europe’s best work places are located in Denmark


All of 13 Danish companies are in the 100 best workplaces in Europe, shows analysis.


All of 13 Danish companies are in the 100 best workplaces in Europe, shows analysis, according to a recent article in Copenhagen Capacity.

The analysis company Great Place to Work Institute recently ranked the 100 best places to work in Europe. The ranking is divided into two spread on 50 companies with more than 500 staff and 50 companies with less than 500 staff.

Altogether, Denmark is represented by 13 work places and this General Manager Kim Møller from Great Place to Work Institute is happy about, writes Berlingske Business.

“The fine Danish results are put into perspective when comparing the population figure in Denmark with the rest of the European countries. When realising that the Danish population is only constituting 1.3 per cent of the entire population in Europe it is really a good thing that we cover 13 percent of the European ranking list,” he says in a press release.

Danish Unimerco has taken 32nd place in the ranking of the minor work places. This means that the Danish company can boast of being on the list for the sixth consecutive year.

“The ranking is naturally important, but to us it is also important that we stay in the ranking year after year,” says General Manager Kenneth Iversen from Unimerco in a press release.

The analysis is based on responses from 230,000 staff divided on 1,250 work places in 15 countries.

Sidst opdateret: Communications // 09/06/2008