Clear deficit in leadership


will become even more apparent in the global economy unless...


According to a recent survey by the OECD, published in an article in the Danish newspaper JyllandsPosten, the educational level of Danish leaders, on paper, is good enough but...

...when it comes to leadership in practice, according to a European Employee Index survey of 2,000 leader, every second leader lacks the abilities to lead in practice.

10% of leaders, according to their employees, are simply not fit to lead with their current levels of knowledge and skills. In particular, they lack the ability to motivate, engage and ensure the execution of approved plans.

Juxaposing these results against a recent analysis comparing the quality of leadership and profitability, done by among others CBS and implemented with the participation of 379 Danish leaders, shows that for companies in which the lack of competence is largest, there is a 5% difference in the quality of leadership. This deficit translates into a 11% difference in top line performance and a 7% difference in the bottom line results.

Unless education, training, coaching and possibly even renewal in the leadership ranks takes place soon, the lack of quality in leadership will become increasingly apparent.

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