CBS ready with Danish MBA in central China


Top class scandinavian MBA in China


The launch of Copenhagen Business School is the latest step in Danish education campaign in China

The export of higher education from Denmark to China is in an upward trend. ... "All the international schools have settled in the coastal cities, which is why it makes sense for us to establish an MBA in mid-west China where no such offer exists," says President of CBS, Finn Junge-Jensen. ... Professor Per Jenster of the China Europe Business School in Shanghai, which is also affiliated with CBS, will be the driving force in the Chinese MBA program. ... It is CBS' first initiative in China, whereas Niels Brock Business School has been active in the country for many years and is establishing an important educational program in Chengdu's neighbouring city, Chongqing, which is the world's largest municipality with approximately 30 million inhabitants.

From Børsen 15 May 2009 by Hugo Gården

Sidst opdateret: Communications // 06/07/2009