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"The full-time MBA thrust CBS onto the world stage", says Professor Majken Schultz.


The Brand Champions Blog features Majken Schultz and Mary Jo Hatch, authors of Taking Brand Initiative:

"When Majken got involved as a Dean in our Full Time MBA program at Copenhagen Business School (CBS) it was not a small thing. The program thrust CBS onto the world stage. With the launch of this program in 2004 we started competing head-to-head with leading educational institutions all over the world- some with such strong reputations that they expect to set standards for the rest of us. Although, with 16,000 students, CBS is one of the largest business schools in the world, its brand power does not come close to dominating the marketplace, as do those of some of our fiercest competitors: Harvard, INSEAD and the London Business School."

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Professor Majken Schultz is Professor of Management and Associate Dean of the Full-time MBA at CBS. Professor Mary Jo Hatch is Professor Emerita for the University of Virginia and an Adjunct and Visiting Professor at CBS. They have recently published a book, Taking Brand Initiative.

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