The Consumer Behaviour Newsletter – New Issue


Newsletter no. 32 presents two interesting articles from the consumer research world


The Consumer Behaviour Newsletter (in Danish: Nyhedsbrevet om Forbrugeradfærd) is a biannual research-based publication that is distributed to a wide group of researchers, businesses, students and the press. The newsletter disseminates research into consumer behavior at the Department of Marketing, CBS, and focuses on the latest trends in this area. 

In this 32th number of the newsletter, two interesting articles from the consumer research world are presented. In the first article, Associate Professor  Henrik Johannsen Duus  examines the impact of market philosophies on the analytical practice of marketing. In the second article, Professor Torben Hansen investigates the interplay between economic healthiness, consumer confidence, and general trust in financial institutions

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Sidst opdateret: Department of Marketing // 13/11/2019