Expressions of Interest: Full-time Positions in the Department of Marketing, Copenhagen Business School


Career opportunities at the Department of Marketing 

Based in architecturally beautiful buildings in central Copenhagen, the Department of Marketing is a leading provider of excellent research-based education. This is an exciting time for us, as we celebrated recently our 100th anniversary. Our newly revised strategy is unashamedly ambitious. Our goal is to be the undisputed leader in marketing education in Scandinavia and a leading marketing department on a European level, held in high esteem in terms of our research and education. Our mission is to deliver excellent research-led education to an international audience at all levels, and to engage with business and society.

Faculty members are committed to rigorous theory development and theory-driven, empirical research—outcomes that are central goals for any reputed business school. The Department focuses on contributing to a holistic understanding of the interactions and activities in the marketplace. Thus, our research focuses on marketing, yet we draw on other academic disciplines to the extent that they improve the quality of our marketing research. We collaborate with business and wider society in both research and education, activities that result in articles, textbooks, and case studies, among others.

The research of the Department covers broad areas (often cross disciplinary) in both business-to-business and business-to-consumer marketing, for example, brand marketing management, circular economy and sustainability, corporate social responsibility, decision neuroscience, design management, international marketing, market orientation, product innovation management, relationship marketing, strategic marketing, tourism and destination marketing, and trust. Faculty members use a wide range of methodologies, both qualitative and quantitative.

Through our research-based teaching, we contribute across a palette of courses and programs in the Business School including brand marketing management, business-to-business marketing, consumer behavior, design, international marketing, marketing management, marketing performance, relationship marketing, and tourism marketing.

At this time, we are looking to hire four new colleagues:

  • Associate Professor in Marketing
  • Associate Professor in neuromarketing
  • Associate Professor in Consumer Behavior and Marketing Innovation
  • Full Professor in International Marketing

The main responsibilities of these positions are research and teaching in marketing—in particular in the above four mentioned areas—and development tasks in relation to marketing courses and programs. An active engagement to strengthen the relationship with (and to brand the Department and CBS in) business and society and to initiate and participate in external funding all is expected as an integral part of this position.

Successful candidates must have an international profile with experience from universities and/or business schools, a sustained record of research publications in leading academic journals (e.g., journals at minimum AJG [previously known as ABS] 3 level). Publications in journals on the FT 50 list are particularly welcome. Successful candidates ideally have experience in research management, as well as successful teaching experience from relevant marketing areas. Moreover, successful candidates must be able to provide dynamic leadership in the development of research, teaching, and research dissemination, as well as in working with business and society. Finally, the Department prides itself of its active, supportive, and inclusive research environment, and successful candidates are expected to be active in terms of academic citizenship.

For more information, please send an email (incl. your full CV) to Professor Adam Lindgreen (, Head of Department of Marketing.


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