International Maritime Media Ranks CBS Amongst Top Universities Conducting Maritime Research and Teaching

The online news media fathom-news recently rated universities providing advanced maritime research and teaching. CBS Maritime is at the forefront of top maritime universities fueling innovative thinking with significant industry impact.



Photo: Bjarke MacCarty

CBS Maritime engages with maritime companies and organizations across the world with the aim to identifying and explaining the complexities of business and societal challenges, and to helping find novel solutions to them. The results and contextual understanding created through collaborative research, development and innovation projects between businesses and the business school then feed into CBS’ teaching in maritime courses and broader programs. This is how the courses and programs become more tailored to the current ways and challenges of business and more experience-based, which is key for educating better problem-solvers and better leaders.

The reciprocal model of research-practice interaction is in the DNA of CBS Maritime, which was established in the wake of profound dialogue with companies and organizations in the Danish maritime cluster. It is this model that has led the analysts of fathom-news to list CBS Maritime as a frontrunner in maritime-focused research and education.

- We are very pleased to see that CBS is rated as number five and thus in the company of other leading universities well-known for conducting high-level maritime research and research-based teaching, says Henrik Sornn-Friese, Director of CBS Maritime. In their recent article “Top maritime universities pushing innovation” fathom-news has placed CBS in Top-10 of universities committed to maritime research.  

Under the editorial direction of Craig Eason, a leading journalist in the global maritime industry and former Deputy Editor of Lloyd’s List, fathom-news provides independent analysis and critical interpretation of developments within the shipping industry. The aim is to support an advanced audience seeking to keep up with the current trends and ongoing transformation of shipping in order to optimize their business strategy planning.

On the reasons for including CBS among the key maritime universities worldwide, journalist at fathom-news, Fiona Macdonald explains:
- We find CBS to have a strong focus on maritime research and PhD programs, similar to Southampton University here in the UK. There are strong links with maritime business research areas and CBS is successful in research contributions within the further development of both technologies for environmental efficiency and maritime business development.

She continues to mention, that within the industry CBS is often referred to as a place of strong research and teaching and that fathom-news wishes to recognize this by placing CBS on their list of key maritime universities.

Sidst opdateret: CBS Maritime // 11/07/2023