CBS Initiates New Maritime Economics and Business Research Project – “Navigating Troubled Waters”

A new research project initiated by CBS Maritime receives financial support from The Danish Maritime Fund. The study – “Navigation Troubled Waters” – will analyze how Danish ship owners strategically have navigated the very volatile business environment experienced in international shipping since 2001.


CBS Maritime_navigating troubled waters

Photo: Iris/Scanpix

In 2001 China became a member of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) and since then the international shipping markets have seen freight rates and asset prices reaching unprecedented highs followed by sharp drops to record lows.

Martin Jes Iversen, Associate Professor at CBS and Academic Director of the B.Sc. program in International Shipping and Trade, together with project research assistant, Jesper Buhl, aim to uncover how four selected Danish shipowners have charted their strategic course in this uncertain and challenging market environment.

- The project will analyze how Danish shipping companies adapt strategically to fundamental changes in their everyday business environment. We seek to answer whether or not it is possible to identify a pattern? And if so, what can be said to be their so-called recipe for success that will allow them to continue doing their business, namely shipping? says Martin Jes Iversen.

He continues by saying that this type of insights into Danish shipping provides input as to how we approach future challenges based on lessons from past events. For that reason, the project can be relevant for the whole of the international shipping industry, as it can be said to be standing at a crossroad with the traditional shipping company business model being challenged and reinvented in form of new technologies, decreasing demand, the current challenging geopolitical situation, and so on.

The research project has been kindly supported by the Danish Maritime Fund, and will also deliver a business case for teaching in CBS’ B.Sc. program in Shipping and Trade, provide material for Danish and International seminars, an article for international publication as well as a Danish book.

For more information, please contact Jesper Buhl:

Sidst opdateret: CBS Maritime // 11/07/2023