The IF2015 Annual Conference in International Finance in pictures

The IF2015 Annual Conference in International Finance took place June 22, 2015 and had 121 registered participants - see pictures from the conference here


IF2015 title
Keynote Helene Rey presenting at the IF2015 conference
Helene Rey at IF2015
Keynote Lasse Heje Pedersen presenting at the IF2015 conference
Lasse H. Pedersen at IF2015
The BlackRock sponsor table at IF2015
BlackRock sponsor table IF2015
A view on the audience at the IF2015 conference
IF2015 audience

The IF2015 Annual Conference in International Finance took place on June 22, 2015 at Flintholm Campus, Copenhagen Business School. There were 121 registered participants for the conference.

The Annual Conference in International Finance is designed to bring together leading researchers in a stimulating environment. They present recent studies on international financial markets, which provides the basis for a fruitful debate among researchers, policy makers and market participants on all aspects of International Finance.

The IF2015 speakers and discussants

Keynote Speakers
Lasse Heje Pedersen
(Copenhagen Business School)
Hélène Rey (London Business School)

Francesca Brusa (University of Oxford)
John Crosby (Glasgow University and Grizzly Bear Capital)
Magnus Dahlquist (Stockholm School of Economics)
Tarek Hassan (University of Chicago (Booth))
Dagfinn Rime (BI Norwegian Business School)
David Schumacher (McGill University)

Bernard Dumas (INSEAD)
Riccardo Colacito (University of North Carolina)
Michael Melvin (BlackRock)
Philippe Mueller (London School of Economics)
Anna Pavlova (London Business School)
Laura Veldkamp (New York University)

See the full program here:PDF iconIF2015 program


The IF2015 conference was sponsored by BlackRock.

BlackRock has the world’s foremost combination of investment strategies, risk management capabilities and client-first culture to create the right solutions for our clients and to perform in all market environments. It is our mission to drive results for our clients, protecting and enhancing the value of the assets they entrust to us.

See here for more information about BlackRock

Future and previous conferences

The next Annual Conference in International Finance will be held at the City University of Hong Kong.

More information about the previous conferences held at Imperial College in 2013 and 2014 can be found here: 2013 Conference and 2014 Conference.

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