Paper Low Risk Anomalies? wins the 2015 Jack Treynor Prize

A working paper by Christian Wagner, professor at the Department of Finance, has been chosen as one of three winners of the 2015 Jack Treynor Prize


The Department of Finance is pleased to announce that Christian Wagner (professor at the Department of Finance and member of the FRIC center) has been awarded the Jack Treynor Prize for his paper Low Risk Anomalies? (co-authored with Paul Schneider, University of Lugano, and Josef Zechner, WU Vienna).

The Jack Treynor Prize recognizes superior academic working papers with potential applications in the fields of investment management and financial markets. The Jack Treynor Prize is sponsored by the Q-Group (The Institute for Quantitative Research in Finance).  

The prize winners will be recognized during the Spring 2016 Q Group Seminar meeting to be held April 17-20 in Washington DC. For more information about the prize, please see the Jack Treynor Prize website here.

Sidst opdateret: Center for Financial Frictions // 11/07/2023