Denmark wins 4nations finance contest in Rome

Two CBS professors, Morten Sørensen and Steffen Andersen, secured a Danish victory in the 4nations cup in Rome, Italy last week


On Friday May 8, 2015 Denmark participated in the 4nations finance cup, which took place in Rome, Italy this year. The Danish team consisted of two CBS professors, Morten Sørensen (Department of Finance) and Steffen Andersen (Department of Economics), and they won the contest over the three competing teams from Great Britain, Sweden and Italy.

The team Kom så Danmark! gave the following talks: Steffen Andersen "Once Bitten, Twice Shy: Do Personal Experiences or Wealth Changes Affect Risk Taking?" and Morten Sørensen "Skill and Luck in Private Equity Performance".

The Danish team beat the following teams:

  • Rule Britannia! (Great Britain) with Ralph Koijen (London Business School) and Ian Martin (London School of Economics)
  • Helan Går! (Sweden) with Bo Becker (Stockholm School of Economics) and Erik Hjalmarsson (University of Gothenborg)
  • Forza Azzurri! (Italy) with Paolo Colla (Bocconi) and Hannes Wagner (Bocconi)

The 4nations cup is a contest that brings “the most promising young scholars in financial economics together in one day of 'mini seminars'.” The winners get to host next year’s cup, so the event is coming to CBS in 2016.

For more information about the event, please see the website:


Sidst opdateret: Department of Finance // 13/05/2015