Sustainability Seminar - Making Sense of CSR and Corporate Taxation


Steen Vallentin and Peter Koerver Schmidt presented the topics of CSR and corporate taxation in one of the CBS Sustainability Seminar Series.


During this seminar, Steen Vallentin and Peter Koerver Schmidt introduced the combined topic of corporate taxation and CSR practices. Both presenters delved into the issue of corporate tax avoidance. While tax experts don't usually talk about taxation in relation to CSR, they shared the linkage between tax avoidance and Corporate Social Responsibility as crucial in today's corporate world.

The two also highlighted the need to find ways to communicate across different areas of expertise, as in the case of CSR and corporate taxation. The seminar enjoyed presence of participants from both the academia and corporations and ended with shared insights and vivid discussions.

From seminar on Making sense of CSR and Corporate Taxation


Sidst opdateret: CBS Sustainability // 28/11/2019