Understanding Women’s Entrepreneurship in a Gendered Context


Understanding Women’s Entrepreneurship in a Gendered Context

Women entrepreneurs are indeed a formidable force of economic growth and social change, though we still often question the ‘how’ and ‘why’. Professor Adam Lindgreen, together with his coeditors professors Shumaila Yousafzai, Alain Fayolle, Saadat Saeed, and Colette Henry, seek to understand the spectrum of gender influences in the context of entrepreneurship.

Thus, they have edited a book—Understanding Women’s Entrepreneurship in a Gendered Context: Influences and Restraints—that widens the contextual focus of women’s entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship research by providing insights into the influences and restraints within a diverse set of gendered contexts including social, political, institutional, religious, patriarchal, cultural, family, and economic, in which female entrepreneurs around the world operate their businesses.

From recognition of a seventh-century businesswoman in Mecca to the construction of a gendered scientific Business Model Canvas, the book’s collection of studies will inspire readers to think differently about theory, patriarchy, trade systems, adoption or transformation and strategies to create inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystems.

In doing so, the contributing authors demonstrate not only the importance of studying the contexts in which women’s entrepreneurial activities are shaped, but also how female entrepreneurs, through their endeavors, modify these contexts.


Sidst opdateret: Department of Marketing // 11/04/2022