New Book: Research Handbook on Brand Co-Creation: Theory, Practice and Ethical Implications


New Book: Research Handbook on Brand Co-Creation: Theory, Practice and Ethical Implications

Together with my colleagues Stefan Markovic, Richard Gyrd-Jones, and Sylvia von Wallpach, I have edited a research handbook on brand co-creation.

Bringing together different theoretical perspectives on brand co-creation and discussing their practical applicability and ethical implications, this Research Handbook explores emerging notions of brand construction which view brands as co-created through collaborative efforts between multiple stakeholders.

Chapters contribute to clarifying the ontological and epistemological assumptions underlying brand co-creation, gaining deeper insights into the co-creation of intangible and tangible brand assets, as well as uncovering the ethical implications of brand co-creation.The impressive selection of contributors also foreshadow and critically reflect on possible future developments related to brand co-creation, and illustrate practical applications in the form of case studies.

Thanks to everyone who contributed with a chapter, and thanks to our colleagues who have endorsed our Research Handbook including:

‘Brand co-creation is an idea that has arrived and the compilation of insights and ideas from leading academics offers a welcome and stimulating perspective.’
– David Aaker, author of Owning Game-Changing Subcategories

‘I fully recommend this Research Handbook to anyone interested in branding and co-creation. The editors have assembled some of the finest thinkers from a diverse range of theoretical perspectives to explore how brand meaning is co-created between marketers, employees, customers, influencers, communities, and other stakeholders, across a range of industry and national contexts.’
– Michael Beverland, University of Sussex Business School, UK

‘Brands aren’t created any more. They’re co-created by a combination of contributing consumers, curating corporations, and a constellation of complementary collaborators. Chock-a-block with challenging ideas, this co-created book contains everything you need to know about brand co-creation.’
– Stephen Brown, Ulster University, UK

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