Renowned scholars seminar with Masaaki Kurosu from The Open University of Japan

Seminar on User Engineering and the Theory of Experience

Torsdag, 19 december, 2013 - 10:00 to 12:00


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User Engineering and the Theory of Experience

Professor Masaaki Kurosu, The Open University of Japan

The user engineering is an offspring of the usability engineering. The usability engineering, as the name reveals, focuses on the usability that is quite important to users. But there are also such important quality traits as the reliability, the safety, the compatibility etc. in addition to the usability. The user engineering treats all the quality characteristics that are relevant to the user for the purpose of increasing the level of satisfaction on the side of the user. Since around 2000, UX (user experience) became the major concern of designers, engineers and marketing people instead of the usability. But it should be noted that there was a shift of focus from the user side to the industry side despite the name of UX. In other words, UX is attracting stakeholders as an approach to increase the sales. This is the reason why I proposed the concept of experience engineering that also put an emphasis on the user side as the user engineering. There are three key aspects of artifacts as follows; objective quality characteristics, subjective quality characteristics and, more importantly, the meaningfulness. The experience engineering denies products and services that are meaningless to users and proposes an approach to acquire the meaningfulness.

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Date    December 19, 2013
Time    10:00 - 12:00
Location    CBS IT Management, Howitzvej 60, 4th floor

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