Renowned Scholars Seminar Series with Professor Frantz Rowe from University of Nantes

Seminar at Department of IT Management. Title, Knowledge sharing, maturation and networks: Safety and effectiveness in new product development

Fredag, 28 marts, 2014 - 10:00 to 12:00

The seminar is in english.

Seminar with Professor Frantz Rowe, University of Nantes, France.

Knowledge sharing, maturation and networks: Safety and effectiveness in new product development

This paper is about knowledge sharing and maturation in new product development (NPD). We show how knowledge items mature as they are shared in expanding knowledge networks until the items are exhausted and transformed to new knowledge items to serve new activities. Our conceptual framework integrates knowledge sharing, knowledge networks/ and knowledge maturation. We explore knowledge maturation patterns through four in-depth case studies of NPD projects using Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) technology. Our results show that knowledge maturation patterns are contextual and complex. Knowledge is shared in knowledge networks, where one network feeds into another during the maturation process. Psychological safety plays a role in the choice of knowledge networks for knowledge maturation. This paper reveals the diversity of knowledge maturation patterns based on 1) psychological safety, and 2) technological novelty. These results suggest that formal NPD process and progress across knowledge networks/ interact and reinforce knowledgetransformation effectiveness. These results have implications for articulating the IT architecture for NPD.

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Organised by CBS, Department of IT Management
Date 28 March, 2014
Time 10:00 - 12:00
Location How. 60 4th floor


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