PhD defence: Giulio Zichella

In order to obtain the PhD degree, Giulio Zichella submitted his thesis entitled: Entrepreneurial cognition - Three essays on entrepreneurial behavior and cognition under risk and uncertainty

Torsdag, 17 august, 2017 - 15:00 to 17:00

The dissertation is composed of three papers based on experimental data where differences between individuals with and without entrepreneurial intentions are investigated. In particular, behavioral and cognitive mechanisms are tested to explain how entrepreneurs make decision under risk/uncertainties. The roots of the dissertation can be traced back to two streams of literature: risk and entrepreneurship, and decision theory.
Primary Supervisor:
Professor Toke Reichstein
Department of Strategic Management and Globalization
Copenhagen Business School
Secondary Supervisor:
Assistant Professor Valentina Tartari
Department of Innovation and Organizational Economics
Copenhagen Business School
Assessment Committee:
Associate Professor Jing Chen
Department of Innovation and Organizational Economics
Copenhagen Business School
Professor Frédèric Delmar
School of Economics and Management
Lunds Universitet
Professor Lars Frederiksen
Institut for virksomhedsledelse
Århus Universitet
The thesis is available here
The Doctoral School of Economics and Management will host a reception, which will take place immediately after the defence at the area outside FUHU Faculty Club, Solbjerg Plads 3, 2000 Frederiksberg.

Solbjerg Plads 3, 2000 Frederiksberg


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