Crowdsourcing through Innomediaries versus Co-Creating through Human Interaction

Open Seminar at CBS on Monday 3rd of November at 15:00

Mandag, 3 november, 2014 - 15:00 to 17:00

Distinguished corporate entrepreneurs, Innovators, Co-Creators and Entrepreneurship Researchers,

We cordially invite you to join an open seminar on crowdsourcing platforms. In this seminar, some superusers of crowdsourcing platforms will share good and bad experience made with the most common internet-based platforms: Innocentive, NineSigma and Yet2Com and compare the results to a human-interaction based approach called Collaborative University Competitions. The purpose of the seminar is to foster an open dialogue among practitioners to co-create a better understanding of what platform and approach to apply to solve different types of innovation challenges.

Date: Monday, November 3rd at 15:00 - ending with drinks and fingerfood served from 17:00 to foster networking among the participants.

Place: Copenhagen Business School, Kilen: K.150

Voluntary Participants' Preparation: If you wish to share experience from a crowdsourcing platform/innomediary before the seminar, please let us know and we will schedule a 15 minute interview focused on the 3 questions attached here: Filthree_questions_on_innomediaries.docx

Our Preparation: we run similar interviews with companies having experience with all four platforms/approaches and look forward to sharing the results with all of you.

Organisers: Sigvald Harryson, Associate Professor of Ecopreneurship and CEO of Martin Ertl, Adjunct Professor and CIO of Bombardier Transportation Both at Department of Management, Politics and Philosophy

Drinks and Food courtesy by the CBS Entrepreneurship Platform.

The event is free of charge! But please confirm your participation by sending a mail with the subject 'Crowdsourcing' to:

We look forward to seeing you there!

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