Workshop: Big Textual Data in Transportation

Tirsdag, 25 april, 2017 - 08:30 to 12:30

The aim of this workshop is to provide inspiration by showcasing a range of cases where textual data is useful in improving decision making and enhance understanding of how textual data can be applied to solve the problems that are faced in Transportation.

The future of transportation is often related to the utilization of Big Data. Beyond the well-debated IOT, sensor generated and geo-location data, Big “Textual” Data can be a useful source of user opinions and preferences that yet remains unexploited. Textual data from sources such as Twitter, Facebook, Google maps, blogs, Trustpilot, newspaper articles etc. is an untapped source of Big Data that may hold great potential for the transportation sector. We are pleased to invite you to an insightful morning exclusively for the key stakeholders in the Danish Transportation sector in the company of researchers within Transport and Text Analytics.

Time and Place:
25 April 2017
08:30 am -12:30pm
Copenhagen Business School
Kilen (Floor 1, Room 43)
KIlevej 14 A/B
2000 Frederiksberg

Please note that the workshop is by invite only.

If you would like to be invited to the workshop or have questions regarding the workshop or the project, please contact:
Associate Professor Aseem Kinra (
Rasmus Buch at (

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