By Humphrey Lau

Torsdag, 15 september, 2016 - 15:00 to 17:30
“How to Win Over the Red Queen” is the title of Humphrey Lau’s new book on doing business in China. (In Danish: Slå den røde dronning.) If you wish to be a winner at the Chinese you will have to “win over”, convince, attract and co-operate with your Chinese partners and customers. So what does a foreign company in China do on strategy, branding, research, development, management and government relations? Based upon 15 years of working experience in China, Humphrey Lau presents his observations in an lecture to be followed by a Book Launch Reception. The presentation will include Humphrey Lau’s personal reflections working in China as an ethnic Chinese born in Hong Kong and raised in Denmark in a Chinese family.
About the speaker:
Since 2008, Humphrey Lau has been the CEO of Grundfos China and Group Senior Vice President of Grundfos Management A/S. Previously, Humphrey Lau worked with Novozymes and Novo Nordisk including two years as President for Novozymes China and four years as General Manager for Novo Nordisk China. Humphrey Lau has for a number of years been member of the Board of Directors of Danish Chamber of Commerce in China and Danish-Chinese Business Association. Humphrey Lau was born in Hong Kong. As a small child he moved together with his family to Denmark where he was raised. Humphrey Lau is B.Sc. in Economics & Business Administration from CBS in 1992.
14:45: Open for Registration
15:00: Lecture by Humphrey Lau
15:45: Q & A
16:30: Book Launch and Reception
17:30: End of Reception
This lecture is free of charge. Please sign up using the link below. Last day for registration is September 14th 2016. 

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