Navigating Troubled Waters - Researchers Workshop and Open Seminar

The ongoing book-project "Navigating Troubled Waters - Danish Shipping 2008-2018" aims to uncover how four selected Danish shipowners have charted their strategic course in this uncertain and challenging market environment. On 15 June we will be host an internal researchers´ workshop, followed by an open seminar.

Fredag, 15 juni, 2018 - 08:30 to 12:00

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Note: The seminar takes place June 15th, 2018, 08:30 – 12:00 and will be a combination of an internal CBS Maritime researchers workshop followed by an open seminar invitation to external participants.

In the book project Navigating Troubled Waters – Danish shipping 2008-2018 Martin Jes Iversen, Associate Professor at CBS and Academic Director of the B.Sc. program in International Shipping and Trade, together with project research assistant, Jesper Buhl, aim to uncover how four selected Danish shipowners have charted their strategic course in this uncertain and challenging market environment. With the traditional shipping company business model being challenged and reinvented in form of new technologies, disrupted demand, the current challenging geopolitical situation, and so on, gaining insights into Danish shipping gives input as to how national and international shipping companies, might approach future challenges based on lessons from past events. On 15 June they will provide insights into the project as well as the affiliated teaching cases.
Furthermore, the open seminar will also include a presentation by Professor of Economic History at The Norwegian School of Economics in Bergen, Stig Tenold, on his newest book "Norwegian Shipping in the 20th Century".

Program for the day:

Internal CBS Maritime workshop, 8.30-11.00. Venue Kilen, room K.4.74

  1. Presentation of the Navigating Troubled Waters book project by Martin Jes Iversen
  2. Presentation of the Hafnia Tankers Teaching Case by Jesper Buhl
  3. Presentation of the Norden chapter by Jesper Buhl
  4. Presentation of the thoughts behind the DFDS/Unifeeder chapter by Jesper Buhl and Martin Jes Iversen

10.45-11.00 Coffee Break (served outside of seminar venue, K71)

Open seminar 11.00-12.00. Venue: Kilen, Room K71

  1. Presentation of the new book about Norwegian Shipping in the 20th century by Stig Tenold
  2. Presentation of the thougths behind the introductory chapter on Danish shipping, 2008-2018 in the book project Navigating Troubled Waters, Danish shipping 2008-2018 by Martin Jes Iversen
  3. Discussion and conclusion

The workshop and seminar are free of charge. However we kindly ask that you sign up no later than 12 June via email: Subject: Navigating Troubled Waters Seminar 15 June

"Navigating Troubled Waters – Danish shipping 2008-2018" is kindly supported by the Danish Maritime Fund.


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