Workshop with Prof. Andrew Kakabadse

Leading the Board Towards Sustainable Development

Torsdag, 7 februar, 2008 - 16:00 to 17:00

Workshop: Leading the Board Towards Sustainable Development

- The managerial discipline of implementing corporate social responsibility

Professor of International Management Development Andrew Kakabadse from Cranfield School of Management visits CBS.

“How can I use shareholder funds when I do not even know what is meant by CSR? It means anything to anybody.”

In a recent global study of boards and chairmen this statement underlined one of the key findings about the role of corporate social responsibility in the boardroom - irritation and a widespread view that corporate social responsibility holds too many different meanings.

The study was carried out by Professor Andrew Kakabadse and his research team at UK's Cranfield School of Management and showed a displeasure with the concept of CSR especially among the Anglo-Americans in the study.

However, the survey also showed agreement that corporate social responsibility would come to dominate the corporate boardroom over the next decade.

With point of departure in his study Professor Kakabadse will highlight the challenges and obstacles of implementing CSR into managerial discipline. Read more about Professor Kakabadse here.

The event is arranged by CBS Center for Corporate Social Responsibility and CBS Center for Corporate Governance. The event is free of charge but registration is required at .

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