Urban Challenge Concept Presentations

Friday, September 1 @ 13:00 - 16:00 Københavns Rådhus, Ground Floor, Room 103: "Hovedkassen" RVSP to Kirsti Reitan Andersen at email: kra.ikl@cbs.dk by Thursday August 21 @ 12:00

Fredag, 1 september, 2017 - 13:00 to 16:00

The Urban Challenge Program offers seven elective course for master students enrolled at one of the eight partnering universities. One of the urban challenges is the Rome-Copenhagen urban challenge which asks students to undertake a comparative study of urban farming and gardening in Rome and Copenhagen. The course is a collaboration between CBS, the Sapienza University of Rome and the Danish culture and design agency, Urgent Agency. The students spend the two first weeks of the course in Copenhagen followed by two weeks in Rome.

29 highly qualified students representing multiple nationalities have joined us for this exploration into urban gardening and farming. During their two weeks in Copenhagen the students have been introduced to relevant theoretical and methodological frameworks and to a number of urban farming and gardening projects in and around Copenhagen.

Moreover, drawing on the methods of Urgent Agency the students have worked closely with the following five cases:

  • Københavns Skolehaver
  • Områdefornyelse Kulbanekvarteret
  • Beyond Coffee
  • Grandtoftegaard
  • Frugtplukkerne

On Friday, September 1 at 13:00 - 16:00 four groups will present their work with the cases to representatives from the four companies/organisations and other relevant stakeholders. The individual presentations will be followed by an open discussion where we encourage the audience to provide feedback and exchange knowledge. The group working with Frugtplukkerne will prepare an exhibition for the “Lokal Mad” market at Musiktorvet, Amager Bio, September 2 @ 10:00-14:00. Following the concept presentations we will have a small reception.


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