Understanding Corporate Responsibility

- Results and insights from the RESPONSE Project

Fredag, 12 oktober, 2007 - 09:00 to 17:30

Conference Theme

RESPONSE is currently the largest ongoing research project on CSR in the world and the largest ever in Europe. It is aimed at studying the alignment, or lack thereof, between managers' and stakeholders' perceptions of what constitute the social reponsibility of business corporations.

Supported by the European Union's Sixth Research Framework Programme, it aims to answer two crucial questions:

  • What do managers consider to be their company's responsibility towards society and how that differs from what societal actors consider the company's responsibility to be?

  • How do multi-national corporations attempt to respond to societal expectations and how effective is their response in enhancing the alignment between business and society?

For more information about the objectives, the methodology and the results of the project, please go to RESPONSE Project Website.

The conference will present the opportunity to discuss the implications of the findings from this pathbraking study for business leaders, stakeholder representatives, management development professionals and policy-makers. In addition, the final panel will take on the question on how to build on the findings and insights of the RESPONSE project to craft the "way forward" in research and practice on the relationship between business and society.

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