Research Seminar with Gerald E. Fryxell

Do not put your Trust? Anti-Piracy Effectiveness and Managerial Confidence: Insights from Multinationals in China.

Mandag, 16 oktober, 2006 - 12:30 to 14:00

Research seminar by our visitor Gerald E. Fryxell from CEIBS Shanghai.

This research seminar examines the perceptions of the multinationals on the effectiveness of anti-piracy strategies and the interactions of managerial confidence in the interlectual property rights (IP) regime in China on such effectiveness. The authors propose an anti-piracy model. Empirically, with data from 128 multinationals, the preliminary test demonstrates that anti-piracy strategies have a powerful effect on curtailing piracy explaining 58% of the variations in the anti-piracy success. The level of managers’ confidence in the intellectual property regime in China strongly impacts on the relationship with anti-piracy strategies.

GeraldE.Fryxell ( obtained his Ph.D. in Business Policy and Strategy from the IndianaUniversity, the USA. He is currently a professor of management at ChinaEuropeInternationalBusinessSchool, P. R. China. His research interests include environmental management, business and society issues, and trust in organisations. He is currently visiting at the IKL department under the AsiaLink exchange programme.

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