Nordic Look Riga 2008

Initiative to strengthen fashion, design and the textile industry in the Baltic Region

Tirsdag, 4 november, 2008 - 09:00 to Onsdag, 5 november, 2008 - 17:00

NORDIC LOOK - an initiative in Riga by the Nordic Council of Ministers’ to strengthen the fashion, design and textile industry in the Baltic Sea region by creating a joint platform for sustainable fashion and industrial cluster cooperation.

By special invitation from the Nordic Council of Ministers’, national fashion institutions across the Nordic countries are joining forces in the NORDIC LOOK project to showcase the fashions representative of their region to Baltic and Russian markets. Furthermore the ambition is to let the actors of the fashion, design and textile industries in both the Nordic and Baltic countries and in north-west Russia to meet and discuss topics on industrial cooperation on sustainable fashion and marketing at the NORDIC LOOK forum in Riga this fall.

The Swedish Fashion Council, the Danish Fashion Institute, Icelandic Fashion Council, Oslo Fashion Week, and Helsinki Design Wee all has joined forces to orchestrate the NORDIC LOOK event. The planning is coordinated by Nordic Council of Ministers’ office in Latvia, along with the Danish Cultural Institute in Riga, Riga City Council, the Swedish Embassy in Latvia and the Baltic Fashion Federation.

The NORDIC LOOK event will take place 4-5 November during the RIGA FASHION WEEK, at Riga Art Space. The event will consist of two parts. While Nordic fashion shows and exhibitions will comprise one part of the program, a conference and meeting forum will be held for the design, fashion and textile industries in the Nordic and Baltic countries and in north-west Russia.

Director of the CBS Center for Corporate Social Responsibility, Professor Mette Morsing, will give a presentation on CSR in the fashion industry at the conference of Regional Competitiveness & Sustainable Fashion on 4 November. Please download her slides here.

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