BEYOND GREEN ECONOMY is hosted by Occupy Copenhagen, Transition Denmark and Copenhagen Business School. It is meant as a gift, which means it is free of admission, and the lunch is also free. The entire conference will be livestreamed and put on the web.

Søndag, 19 maj, 2013 - 11:00 to 18:00

It is often repeated that we need to 'grow' ourselves out of the current economic crisis, that  'green growth', and a transition to a 'green economy', is how to do it. But if economic growth means expansion of the realm of goods and services, more production, more purchasing power and increasing consumption, is it belivable that such an approach can be green? Is it believable that this expansion can continue forever, as i does in the economists' models?

BEYOND GREEN ECONOMY presents a set of speakers who argue that the political project of greening the economy is far from enough, and that genuine solutions only show themselves as we become aware of the deeper forms of social, cultural, and spiritual hegemony build into the current money-system.

The conference also features exhibitions by Crisis Mirror and Art-Money.



Day 1. Sunday May 19th.

Location: Copenhagen Business School (CBS), Solbjerg Plads 3, 2000 Frederiksberg, Danske Bank Auditoriet.


11.00  Welcome Martin Spang Olsen


11:10  Conversation on the Origin of Money, Ole Bjerg & Charles Eisenstein


12:00  Break


12:10  The Problem with the Economic Concept of 'Green Growth', Niels I. Meyer


12:40   Lunch


13:40   Consciousness is the Problem and Consciousness is the Solution, Dahnesvara Das (Don Rousse)


14:10    Break


14:20    Beyond the Green Economy, Charles Eisenstein


15:30     Break


15:45     Panel debate with Charles Eisenstein, Ole Bjerg, Niels I. Meyer, Dhanesvara Das, Moderated by Martin Spang Olsen


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