cbsCSR ”Brown bag” research seminar: Robert Strand - The Elevated Status of Corporate Social Responsibility

Presenter: Robert Strand, Ph.D. Fellow Copenhagen Business School Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility ( Discussant: Itziar Castello, Assist.Prof., cbsCSR

Tirsdag, 22 februar, 2011 - 12:00 to 13:00

Invitation to join cbsCSR ”Brown bag” research seminar

The Elevated Status of Corporate Social Responsibilityto the Top Management Team

Presenter: Robert Strand

Ph.D. Fellow Copenhagen Business School Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility (

Discussant: Itziar Castello

Assist.Prof., cbsCSR


The top management team (TMT) of the corporation is an exclusive club. While traditional TMT studies have focused primarily on the individuals in the TMT, shifting focus to the position titles represented in the TMT (CEO, CFO, etc) provides insight regarding the functions considered to be of strategic and symbolic significance for the corporation. Recently a new position has joined the elite ranks of the TMT: a position dedicated to corporate social responsibility (CSR). This phenomenon can be considered indicative that CSR has achieved elevated status in the corporation of strategic and symbolic importance. In this article, I present an exhaustive review of the largest 1000 Scandinavian and U.S. public corporations to identify instances of CSR TMT members, and find that indeed, there are a significant number of CSR TMT members in corporations. Utilizing Matten & Moon's (2008) implicit/explicit CSR conceptual framework, I compare findings between Scandinavia and the U.S. and find that, to some surprise considering Matten & Moon’s framework, Scandinavian corporations have significantly more CSR TMT members than their counterparts from the U.S. I then explore potential implications of this finding and further directions for research.

Arranged by CBS Center for Corporate Social Responsibility.

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This event is part of a series of cbsCSR ”Brown Bag” research seminars that take place monthly, where new research will be presented during an informal lunch hour (bringing your lunch).

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