Copenhagen Business School * Cluster of Business in Society

Tirsdag, 25 april, 2006 - 15:00 to 16:30

Copenhagen Business School * Cluster of Business in Society


We cordially invite academic scholars to join the Cluster of Business in Society at the Copenhagen Business School – in short CBS2. This initiative is an attempt to draw together research within the field of Business and Society across academic departments and thus to encourage more interdisciplinary research collaboration. Although CBS2 is launched by the Centre for Corporate Values and Responsibility (CVR) it should not be seen as an IKL project. Indeed we hope that in the long run CBS2 will be hosted by different departments.


We have chosen the title of “Business in Society” with the aim to encompass a broad number of possible topics. Although we would like to leave the definition of CBS2 open to the input from interested faculty we would like to see contributions from at least the following fields:

  • Corporate Governance

  • Management of Philanthropic Foundations

  • Non-profit Management

  • Data Privacy Issues

  • Social Entrepreneurship

  • Sustainable Development

  • Environmental Management

  • Business Ethics

  • Stakeholder Management

  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)


We intend CBS2 to meet about 8 times a year (i.e. roughly every 6  weeks) for a 2 hour research seminar (15:00-17:00). At each meeting we expect to have two academic papers presented that address a similar issue. Presenters should be from different departments. Each paper should, furthermore, be reviewed and commented upon by a discussant, who again should not be from the same department as the presenter. It is encouraged that full papers are made available to the group a week before to the meeting.

Call for Presentations

If you would like to present a paper please let us know by contacting Jonas Eder-Hansen ( who will initially act as the organizer of the events. If you want to receive invitation please sign up to the CBS2 mailing list by contacting Jonas.

Please see below file for an invitation to the first seminar on April 25 at 15-16.30hrs.

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