PRME hosts Carbon Literacy workshop

CBS PRME hosts third Carbon Literacy workshop in February 2020.


Carbon Literacy relies on action-based results from the participants. After being educated on the science behind climate change, social equity, and personal actions related to climate change, the participants are given the necessary strategies and skills for communicating action and to make educated decisions on the substantial changes necessary. The purpose is to understand how you - as business school students and the leaders of the future - are addressing the issue of climate change and discuss your understanding and expectations of the role of government and the private sector. 

Carbon literacy provides students, faculty, and other participants with an understanding of carbon and its effects on the climate. The carbon literacy workshop offers a basis for tackling climate change. Participants receive knowledge and tools to critically reflect on how they can act in their everyday life. Education is a vital tool to mitigate climate change. Therefore, by providing a workshop like carbon literacy participants can act in a knowledgeable manner to reduce their carbon footprint. Carbon Literacy educates participants on their carbon footprint and to what extent different activities affect carbon emissions. By bringing awareness to carbon emissions through carbon literacy, the participants are given the necessary tools to make a shift towards a positive outcome that is required to alleviate the consequences of climate change.  

It was recognized by the United Nations at COP21 in Paris in 2015. The project was awarded as a TAP100, one of 100 Transformative Action Programs worldwide. The project was picked up by Nottingham Trent University and further grew on the basis that other organizations can become certified trainers and provide the workshops themselves. 

“Today, over 12,000 individuals and more than 39 organizations are Carbon Literate. Are you?”



Carbon Literacy Training February 2020

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