17th Half day Copenhagen Education Network (CEN) Workshop on 21 November at Copenhagen Business School

The inequality Platform hosts this international workshop, that gathers international capacities


Programme for this closed event:

17th Half day Copenhagen Education Network (CEN) Workshop, Copenhagen Business School

21 November 2022, Copenhagen Business School (CBS),
Dalgas Have 15, 2000 Frederiksberg, Room DH Ø.0.52

12:00-12:30: Sandwich lunch and Welcome

12:30-13:00:  Fane Groes, Copenhagen Business School: ‘Evaluations of Vocational School Initiative to Increase Graduation’
13:00-13:30:  Igor Asanov, University of Kassel: ‘System-, Teacher-, and Student-level Interventions for Improving Participation in Online Learning at Scale in High Schools’
13:30-14:00:  Elio Nimier-David, CREST, Paris: ‘Local Human Capital and Firm Creation’

14.00-14:30: Break

14:30-15:30:  Keynote Speech: Oskar Nordström Skans, Uppsala University, ‘Major adjustments? Graduates' responses to changes in occupation-specific labor demand’

15:30-16:00: Break

16:00-16:30:  Adam Altmejd, SOFI, Stockholm University and Stockholm School of Economics: ‘Inheritance of Fields of Study’
16:30-17:00:  Devon Spika, Lund University, ‘Early Health Investments and Human Capital formation: the Long-term Effects of School Doctors in Sweden’
17:00-17:20:  Petra Thiemann, Lund University, ‘Setting Performance Goals for Oneself and Others’
18:00:            Dinner at Madklubben

Local organizer: Fane Groes, Lisbeth la Cour, Birthe Larsen
Kindly supported by: Novo Nordisk Foundation and The Inequality Platform


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