The Global Fight for Gender Equality

How can we accelerate the process on gender equality before 2030? CBS' two research platforms on diversity and inequality are represented in this debate, that will take place at Bornholm at the People's Political Festival - and you can watch the debate live streamed, too

Fredag, 18 juni, 2021 - 14:00 to 14:45

The global fight for gender equality

 - a debate featuring experts from CBS, Sex & Samfund, Kvinderaadet and Oxfam Ibis.

The debate will take place at Bornholm, at the People's Political Festival - venue is C5, the SDG Scene, in section C.

The debate will be in English and you should book your seat ahead at the webpage of Folkemødet. OR you can watch it live streamed here:

How can we together accelerate the progress for SDG5, gender equality and human rights by 2030?
While the world is now facing the long-term consequences of a raging global pandemic, the road towards 2030 is becoming shorter and shorter. This event offers a stock taking on SDG 5 and a discussion on how we together can accelerate the progress for global gender equality and human rights. It will zoom in on the concrete barriers that stand in the way of achieving SDG 5 and offer concrete recommendations on how to overcome these obstacles on the way towards 2030.

The Panel:
Dr. Hadeel Qazzaz, MENA Regional Gender Coordinator, Oxfam International
Dr. Poornima Luthra, Founder and CEO, TalentED
Richard S. Mugenyi, Communications & Advocacy manager, RHU Uganda
Emma Holten, Political Advisor Kvinderådet, Kvinderådet
Birthe Larsen, Academic Director Copenhagen Business School Inequality Platform, Copenhagen Business School (Uddannelse og Forskning)
Bjarne B. Christensen, General Secretary Sex & Samfund, Sex & Samfund
Kristian Weise, General Secretary Oxfam Ibis, Oxfam Ibis


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