Health and Inequality Workshop 2020

The Inequality Platform at CBS aims at hosting the 2nd Health and Inequality Workshop, 7 November 2020 - a new call for papers coming shortly

Lørdag, 7 november, 2020 - 09:00 to 16:00

The 2nd workshop on Health and Inequality the 7 November 2020 at the Department of Economics at CBS:
The keynote speaker will be Petter Lundborg, Lund University.

A panel of economists and doctors will discuss what can be done to reduce inequality in health. Participants will be Torben Heien Nielsen, Associate professor, Department of Economics, University of Copenhagen, Alexandra Kruse, paediatrician (Paediatric Deparment and the Immigrant Health Clinic,  Copenhagen University Hospital- Hvidovre and Operational medical support, MSF-DK) and  associate professor, Department of Clinical Medicine, University of Copenhagen, Rikke Lund, Professor at department of public health, University of Copenhagen, and Miriam Wüst, Associate professor, Department of Economics, University of Copenhagen.
A call for papers will be out shortly.
Participation is not conditional on presenting a paper - so if you would like to participate without presenting, please write to Birthe,

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