Call for Contributions: 7th CBS Workshop on Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion: Transformation, Imagination, and Utopias

In continuation of our international workshop series, we are calling for contributions on the topics of transformation, imagination, and utopias in relation to diversity, equality, and inclusion for the 2022 workshop, taking place from 12 - 14 October at CBS.


Diversity & Difference Platform 

The CBS Business-in-Society Platform for Diversity and Difference launched back in March 2018 for a five year duration, which are soon coming to an end. However, research and other work on diversity, equality, and inclusion (DEI) will continue at Copenhagen Business School. In previous years, the workshop has covered methodological questions as well as activist practices and issues of interdisciplinarity; inclusive, alternative ways and understandings of organizing; critical performativity debates, struggles, possibilities, and more. This year, we would like to use the occasion not for taking stock of where DEI as a field currently is but, instead, to discuss in which directions the field may be going in the years to come.

Issues related to DEI at work, in organisations, and in society are gaining popularity in both practice and academia. These topics are a matter of interest in various schools of thought, and have been studied by scholars from within a wide array of fields, subjects, and methods. Work on DEI also spreads across different levels of focus - from the individual to groups and teams, types of organisations, industries, professions, sectors, and geographical locations. Therefore, we call for contributions from a broad range of disciplines including organisation and management studies, sociology, economics, psychology, marketing, law – and everything in-between or beyond.

Supported by the CBS Diversity and Difference platform, a multi-disciplinary group of platform members will organise the workshop: Florence Villesèche, Sara Louise Muhr, Jannick Friis Christensen, Bontu Lucie Gurschke, and Ece Gürsoy

The Three Tracks

We invite submissions to three different tracks: 

Research presentation track: 

An opportunity to present work at any stage (first draft; work in progress including papers submitted to upcoming conferences; papers close to submission, etc.). Presenters receive feedback from participants with other backgrounds/methods skills as well as from someone closer to their field. Please submit a paper abstract (min. 500, max. 2000 words).

Incubator track: 

Based on project ideas related to DEI (starting PhD projects, funding ideas, etc.) we will take a design thinking approach to help develop each other’s ideas. Instead of a paper or project abstract, participants submit a ‘motivational abstract’, such as preliminary ideas or questions to discuss with others (min. 200, max. 800 words).

Studio track: 

You can submit to this track if you have a tool or an exercise (for research, dissemination, or teaching) that you would like to present and test-run with participants. Please submit a short outline of the proposed activity and timeframe (if the activity is longer than 1 hour, please propose a plan to run it in a shorter format if needed). 

Looking to Submit/Attend?

You are welcome to submit proposals to more than one track. It will also be possible to sign up only as a participant without a proposal. If you wish to do so, please indicate which track you would prefer to follow and what your motivation is to attend. We will also run a virtual track depending on need/demand, although we really hope to welcome as many of you as possible here in Copenhagen. 

Participation is sponsored by the Diversity and Difference platform this year, and includes coffee breaks, lunch, and dinner during the conference – a pretty good deal! We ask for your firm commitment to attend and actively participate once you have signed up, for the benefit of all participants. 

In addition, we offer five bursaries of 2000 DKK towards travel and accommodation, for which you can apply by sending an email to

Please submit your abstracts by August 5th to

Remember to include: 

Email title > Submission - 7th Workshop on DEI 


Chosen track(s)

Other dates and info

You will receive an answer latest 10 days after the submission deadline. 

The registration website opens late August – we will let all submitters know of the exact date in due time. 

We will create online folders for you to submit the final versions of your papers and projects in September – this can be the same document your submitted or a more developed version of your paper or project.

Tentative programme

Day 1 – 12 October

13:00 Arrival & registration

13:30 Opening talk / panel

14:30 Parallel sessions 1

16:30 Coffee break

16:45 Meet the editors session

18:30 Dinner 


Day 2 – 13 October

09:00 Parallel sessions 2

11:00 Coffee break

11:15 Parallel sessions 3

13:15 Lunch

14:30 Public event to celebrate the 5 years of the Diversity and Difference platform (a separate program will be sent for this)

17:30 Reception cocktail & DJ


Day 3 – 14 October

09:00 Parallel sessions 4

10:30 Coffee break

10:45 Parallel session 5

12:15 Lunch

13:00 Concluding talk / panel 

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