Diversity Management: Why, What and is it of value?

CBS Diversity & Difference Platform Member Professor Annette Risberg will give her inaugural lecture

Torsdag, 4 april, 2019 - 15:00 to 17:00


Our societies are diverse in terms of people with different backgrounds and social identities, and so are most of our organizations. Organizations and businesses address diversity management as a necessity for the competition for talents, customers, innovation and solution. Diversity in our society (and organizations) is a premise, but diversity as a concept, as used in diversity management for example, is not unproblematic.

In my lecture, I will discuss diversity as a concept, I will address norm and normality, categories and categorization, in order to understand the underlying assumptions of diversity and differences in organizations and diversity management. I will also address the notion of value of diversity - is it a meaningful question to ask? How can we talk about diversity and difference and acknowledge the importance of diversity and difference without reproducing inequality and power relations?


Annette Risberg is Professor MSO of Diversity Management at the Department of Management, Society and Communication. She teaches and studies diversity and differences in organizations. Her research focuses on practices of diversity management and the inclusion of migrants in work organizations. She holds a PhD from Lund University. She publishes her research in leading journals such as Organization, ephemera, Scandinavian Journal of Management, Human Resource Management and books with leading publishers such as Routledge, Oxford University Press and Palgrave Macmillan. She is editor-in-chief for the journal Organization and Culture.

The lecture will take place at Dalgas Have 15, room 2V.069, 2V.070 and 2V.071.


15:00-15:10      Welcome by Head of Department - Dorte Salskov-Iversen
15:10-15:55      Inaugural lecture by Annette Risberg
16:00               Reception at West Lounge (pink end, 2nd floor)

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