The 7th Global Conference on Transparency Research was succesfully hosted by CBS and the platform

18-20 May 2022 Dalgas Have was filled with international researchers discussing and sharing knowledge on the conference theme, ‘Rethinking Transparency: Challenging Ideals and Embracing Paradoxes’. Find out more about this research conference here.


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The outset for the sessions, roundtable debates and the keynote speech was: 'Urgent commercial, political and societal issues related to transparency – propelled by digital transformations with all their promises and dilemmas - need our scholarly attention, not least in (post-)pandemic times. Now more than ever this research is relevant to the global society. The spirit of the Global Transparency Conference is one of cross-national and cross-disciplinary collaboration and with a scholarly discourse that engages in social science debates.'

More than 80 scholars came to Copenhagen and shared knowledge and insights in person over 3 days.

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Platform co-director, Mikkel Flyverbom, co-chaired the conference, just as platform-members contributed to both the local organizing and the actual conference.

Please download the PDF iconprogramme from the conference and see more on the conference website.

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