Seminar: Communication Against Domination: Media, Justice and Idealisation in Social Research, with Max Hänska, PhD

Max Hänska will join us from Berlin to give a talk based on his recently published book: “Communication against Domination: Ideas of Justice from the Printing Press to Algorithmic Media”. This seminar has been organised by the Critical Digital Methods Lab.

Torsdag, 10 februar, 2022 - 14:00 to 15:00



What do we owe each other in communication? What kind of communications system and rights do we want? Which uses of information technology are morally wrong, and which should we encourage? These are normative questions, often inescapable in social research. Answering them involves difficult trade-offs. Yet we regularly presuppose answers, as if they presented self-evident and neutral starting points for empirical social enquiry, without devoting much analytical attention to them. 

This talk (and book) explores how we can answer normative questions and gain clarity about the presuppositions that guide our research and thinking. I argue that the things we owe one another in discourse, and the things justice requires from communication, are universal and fact-invariant (they don’t change as the facts change), but that the priority of alternative ideals depends on social circumstances and prevailing information technologies. Careful analysis yields clarity about different political ideals. Nevertheless, our commitment to one ideal, or another, is not solely a matter of argumentation. 

Adopting this approach to normativity in social research, I propose that communication, above all, should support non-domination as our primary political ideal.

The book was published by Routledge in 2021 and is available here:

Max Hänska


Max Hänska is an Associate Fellow at the Free University of Berlin and has previously held posts at De Montfort University, the University of Gothenburg, and the London School of Economics, where he also earned a PhD. His research interests center on social media and collective action, as well as normative questions in the communications field.

This seminar is organised by the new Critical Digital Methods Lab directed by Nanna Bonde Thylstrup and Julie Uldam.

No registration is required for this seminar.

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