Regulatory Challenges of Online Gambling

We would like to invite you to our event on the regulatory challenges of online gambling. See below for details.

Mandag, 27 januar, 2020 - 14:00 to 17:00


Copenhagen Business School
Online gambling is a rapidly growing industry, but it is not just another form of interactive entertainment. Like land-based gambling, online gambling bears the risk of addiction and problem gambling, and can be misused for money laundering and other financial crimes. As with other forms of illegal or harmful online activities, the regulation of online gambling bears special challenges. Which regulatory tools are effective to combat illegal online gambling? How can users be made aware of risks of online gambling? How can we protect minors and persons suffering from gambling addiction from targeted online gambling advertising?
This seminar brings together academics and practitioners from different backgrounds, including from law, marketing, and business studies to better understand regulatory challenges and to develop interdisciplinary research strategies.
14.00: Dr. Alan Littler, gaming lawyer Kalff, Katz & Franssen (Amsterdam): Insights from EU Study on the Effective Enforcement of Online Gambling Regulation
14.45 : Prof. Julia Hörnle, Professor of Internet Law at Queen Mary University London: Regulating Online Advertising for Gambling – once the Genie is out of the Bottle … 
15.45: Jesper Clement & Maria José Schmidt-Kessen, CBS: Making website blocking of illegal online gambling sites more effective through insights from eye-tracking experiments: experimental set-ups
16.30: Panel discussion.
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