The Dalgas Have reading room will be closing temporarily

From October 18th, the library reading room in Dalgas Have will serve as a temporary home to the Department of Digitalization, that has been evicted from their current abode at Howitzvej 60 due to risk of collapse. The reading room will reopen as soon as possible, but in the meantime, you may wish to relocate to Solbjerg Plads or Graduate House or try out the Academic Lounge by the main entrance.


Student using a study seat in a reading room

The Dalgas Have reading room will be closed for an indefinite period from Monday October 18th 2021. Consequently, study seats will not be available for booking.

Where can I go instead?

We recommend that you use the reading rooms in Solbjerg Plads or Graduate House, that both offer 24/7 access.
Check out how to activate your student ID as a key card
Or you could try out the Academic Lounge by the main entrance.


The space will be used to rehouse 65 members of staff from the Department of Digitalization that normally resides in Howitzvej 60. Cracks have appeared in the building and there is a risk of collapse, something that of course needs to be addressed and fixed. CBS has made it a priority to rehouse the department without involving any teaching facilities and this is the best option for now.

For how long?

We will of course reopen the reading room as soon as possible but unfortunately, we do not know when that will be at this time.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused and hope for your understanding.


Sidst opdateret: CBS Library // 12/10/2021