How to find consumer behaviour data

How do consumers behave, what attitudes do they have and what do they spend money on? Get a shortcut to segment analysis and insights into spending habits in the Lifestyle Reports from Euromonitor.

Search for country name and add the word lifestyle
Go to the Analysis tab to view reports
Check out the report content and download

Consumer data is many things, but a quick way to access data about a country's consumers is through Passport - a product from the research company Euromonitor. Many of you may already know it from your time at HHX.

Find consumer reports in just a few clicks

Passport isn't super easy to search but these steps will lead you straight to valuable reports.

  1. Go to
  2. Click on "Industries & Markets"
  3. Select "Passport"
  4. Search by country and add the word lifestyle (e.g. United Kingdom lifestyle)
  5. Select the Analysis tab

The result contains several reports about UK consumers. Check them out and see which one has relevant information about the consumer group you need to know about. View on-screen or download as pdf or PowerPoint.

4 different reports about consumers in passport 

Lifestyles broad insight into consumer attitudes and their impact on buying and spending habits
Consumer Values and Behaviour

connects behavioural tendencies with buying and spending habits

Consumer types

deeper insights into segments with similar characteristics beyond geography, gender and age


describe long-term trends resulting from changes in consumer values and behaviour


About consumer segments and data collection

When selling a product, you must consider which segment you want to sell it to. Consumer segments can be divided into several groups:

  • geography (e.g. country, region, city),
  • demographics (e.g. young, old, gender),
  • lifestyle (e.g. skaters, vegetarians)
  • organization (e.g. government, retail)

To find data on consumer groups, you can collect data in different ways. You can either go out and talk to the consumers yourself or use secondary sources that have done some of the work for you. Of course, the latter is not adapted to your specific needs, but it is time-saving.

Euromonitor is constantly producing new reports and analyses on consumers around the world. You can find data on all kinds of segments in the Passport database.


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