Books from the local public library are now available in the CBS Library lounge

Frederiksberg Public Library has made a collection of exciting and different books that CBS students can use for amusement and inspiration in the breaks between studies.


Lougeområde på CBS Bibliotek

No one can study non-stop. Research shows that taking a break from your work is great for your work engagement*. For some, a short nap or a walk will do the trick. Browsing an art book, a comic book or learning how to knit might do it for others.

Use your well-deserved breaks to browse something completely different. CBS Library and Frederiksberg Public Library have joined efforts to provide exciting books for your study breaks.

You will find books on art, nature, and hobbies as well as novels, comics, and cookbooks. Come and browse the books in the lounge at CBS Library Solbjerg Plads.

All books on display are delivered to you by Frederiksberg Public Library and are for library use only.

The bookcases with recreational literature are already available for use in the lounge area and will be on display in the coming month.


Meet your local public library:
Frederiksberg Public Library arrives on a Christiania book-bike and is ready to answer questions about borrowing books and what to expect on the other side of the square.

  • Wednesday 1 December 15-16
  • Thursday 16 December 13-15 CANCELLED NEW DATE LATER

Please visit Frederiksberg Public Library just across the square to browse or borrow recreational books, newspapers and magazines. Everyone can become a library patron if they have a Danish social security card.

Biblioteket Frederiksberg
Falkoner Plads 3,
2000 Frederiksberg
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*Kühnel, J., Zacher, H., de Bloom, J., & Bledow, R. (2017). Take a break! Benefits of sleep and short breaks for daily work engagement. European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology, 26(4), 481–491.



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