4 useful research tools


Get a short introduction to some of the useful research tool the library provides access to.



At CBS Library we are very keen on identifying and delivering services for that will help our students complete their degrees in the best possible way. Our approach is multi facetted but one important area of action is to provide access to study and research tools that will help you save time and money and that are better alternatives to free online products with their inherent limitations. We have listed 4 useful tools that can make working with your tasks easier.

Questionnaires - use SurveyXact

You will probably need to conduct a survey at some point in the course of your studies. The library offers access to SurveyXact, a software that allows you to create, distribute, and analyse queries. SurveyXact is available to all CBS students from the library website.

Interviews - borrow a voice recorder and transcription tool

Most likely you will also be conducting interviews as part of your data collection. Borrow a digital voice recorder at the library and save the data collected as an audio file on your computer. If you need to make a transcript to include in your paper we also offer access to a transcription tool that makes the rendering into text much easier. Both tools can be checked out from CBS Library Solbjerg Plads. 

Keep track of your literature with Mendeley

”If I had I only known earlier on…” is a frequent comment from students after being introduced to Mendeley, a reference management tool that allows you to keep track of the literature used in your papers.

This is important as you will need to save key information for all the sources that you use in your papers, a task Mendeley performs really well. At the same time Mendeley can help you be more efficient as the software makes it easy to insert correctly formatted in-text citations into your document as well as create complete bibliographies, all with just a click of the mouse.

Every semester CBS Library offers introductory Mendeley workshops and courses. Find a course in our calendar. You can also explore the system on your own and a good place to start is our Mendeley LibGuide with its online tutorials.

Analyse your qualitative data using NVivo

If you working with qualitative data and do you need to get to the bottom of it, NVivo is your tool. NVivo is a platform for working with and analyzing all types and formats of qualitative data, including prose text, interviews, audio, and video. Use NVivo for simple word frequency analyses and more sophisticated semantic parsing based on coding.

NVivo allows you to identify trends and to dive deep into your data, irrespective of volume and character.

Where to find the tools

  1. SurveyXact is available from the list of library databases.
  2. Voice recorders and transcription tools are available from the counter at CBS Library Solbjerg Plads.
  3. Mendeley is available from the list of library databases – make sure that you sign up for an account using your CBS e-mail.
  4. NVivo is available on my.cbs.dk -> IT and Tools -> Downloads.


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