Eduniversal ranks CBS as top business school again

According to universities all over the world, CBS is once again one of the best business schools worldwide.


By Mikael Koldby
For the fifth straight year, 1,000 deans from business schools worldwide have recommended CBS as having an excellent reputation. CBS ranks second in Europe and third in the world on Eduniversal's ranking.

Eduniversal ranks reputation. Business schools are asked to recommend other business schools, and 598 of the 1,000 deans have recommended CBS as a great place to study. According to Ole Stenvinkel Nilsson, Director of Accreditation and Quality Assurance, this survey emphasises CBS' good name internationally.

- I think it is impressive that three in five deans would recommend CBS. The fact that we have been ranked high for several consecutive years just shows that these recommendations are not coincidental, says Ole Stenvinkel Nilsson.

Harvard Business School is ranked first and is followed by London Business School with CBS hard on their heels. This is the sixth year of the survey.  Eduniversal is a French organisation, whose purpose is to provide the information necessary for students to make the right education choice.

For more information, please contact Ole Stenvinkel Nilsson

Sidst opdateret: Communications // 20/07/2018