Institut for Produktion og Erhvervsøkonomi

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Kontor: SOL/B5.20
Primære forskningsområder
  • Sports economics, professionel sport and sports management
  • Dynamic pricing and how to set the price
  • event management and event economics
  • Agricultural industry
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From 2005 I have focussed on all aspects of the sports industry, including professionel sport internationally.
Before I focussed on dynamic aspects of pricing and costs.
From my 18 years in the industry with CEO positions I have a big insight in the food industry and partly the forest industry.
I have made 3 successful IPO´s at the danish stock exchange and have a deep insight in listed companies from many years of chairmanship

  • Sports economics and managerial economics
  • Bachelor and masters assignments
Udvalgte publikationer
  • League design
  • Dynamic Pricing PSD index.
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Bidrag til bog/antologi
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